Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Last Great Soul Man Disc 1 & 2 2005

1-01 California Dreaming.mp3
1-02 Across 110th Street.mp3
1-03 It's All Over Now.mp3
1-04 Fly Me To The Moon.mp3
1-05 Everything's Gonna Be Alright.mp3
1-06 Medley_ Fact Of life_He'll Be T.mp3
1-07 So Many Sides Of You.mp3
1-08 Suprise Suprise.mp3
1-09 Nobody Wants You When You're Do.mp3
1-10 Lookin' For A Love.mp3
1-11 Medley_ Monologue_(They Long To.mp3
1-12 You're Welcome, Stop On By.mp3
1-13 That's The Way I Feel About Cha.mp3
1-14 Harry Hippie.mp3
1-15 Behind Closed Doors.mp3
1-16 It Takes A Lot Of Strength To S.mp3
1-17 Yes, Jesus Loves Me.mp3
1-18 American Dream.mp3

2-01 I Can Understand It.mp3
2-02 Check It Out.mp3
2-03 I Don't Want To Be Hurt By Ya L.mp3
2-04 I Wish I Had Someone To Go Home.mp3
2-05 I'm A Midnight Mover.mp3
2-06 (If You Don't Want My Love) Giv.mp3
2-07 Just My Imagination.mp3
2-08 If You Think You're Lonely Now.mp3
2-09 Woman's Got To Have It.mp3
2-10 Tried And Convicted.mp3
2-11 Games.mp3
2-12 Secrets.mp3
2-13 Love Has Finally Come At Last.mp3
2-14 Don't Look Back.mp3
2-15 That's Heaven To Me.mp3
2-16 Where Do We Go From Here.mp3
2-17 Someday We'll All Be Free.mp3



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