Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Best Of 'The Poet' Trilogy 2000

 01 So Many Sides Of You.mp3
02 Lay Your Lovin' On Me.mp3
03 Secrets.mp3
04 Just My Imagination.mp3
05 If You Think You're Lonely Now.mp3
06 Love Has Finally Come At Last.mp3
07 Through The Eyes Of A Child.mp3
08 Surprise Surprise.mp3
09 Tryin' To Get Over You.mp3
10 Tell Me Why.mp3
11 American Dream.mp3
12 I'm So Proud.mp3
13 Someday We'll All Be Free.mp3
14 Gifted One.mp3
15 Searching For My Love.mp3
16 I Wish I Had Some To Go Home To.mp3

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