Friday, May 22, 2015

Soul Gems (Vol. 2)

1.The Persuasions - The Whole World Is A Stage.mp3
2.The Drifters - On Broadway.mp3
3.The Toys - A Lovers Concerto.mp3
4.The Radiants - Voice Your Choice.mp3
5.The Manhattans - I Call It Love.mp3
6.The Spinners - Truly Yours.mp3
7.The Jackson 5 - It's Too Late To Change The Time.mp3
8.The Magnificent Men - By The Time I Get To Phoenix.mp3
9.Gene Chandler - I Fooled You This Time.mp3
10.The Four Tops - Where Did You Go.mp3
11.William Bell - Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday.mp3
12.Walter Jackson - Welcome Home.mp3
13.Billy Stewart - I Do Love You.mp3
14.Tammi Terrell - I Can't Believe You Love Me.mp3
15.The Originals - Baby, I'm For Real.mp3
16.The Exciters - Hard Way To Go.mp3
17.The Fantastic Four - I Love You Madly.mp3
18.The Mad Lads - Don't Have To Shop Around.mp3
19.Enchantment - Gloria.mp3
20.Bloodstone - Natural High [Extended Version].mp3
21.The Delfonics - Everytime I See My Baby.mp3
22.The Classics IV - Stormy.mp3
23.The Stylistics - Hurry Up This Way Again.mp3
24.Big Maybelle - It's A Man's Man's World.mp3


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