Friday, March 11, 2016

1996 - The Preacher's Wife (Soundtrack)

06. I Love The Lord.mp3
07. Somebody Bigger Than You And I.mp3
15. Joy To The World.mp3
11. Step By Step (Remix).mp3
14. The Lord Is My Shepherd.mp3
09. My Heart Is Calling.mp3
02. Step By Step.mp3
08. You Were Loved.mp3
05. I Got The Rock.mp3
01. I Believe In You And Me.mp3
13. He's All Over Me.mp3
10. I Believe In You And Me (Single Version).mp3
12. Who Would Imagine A King.mp3
03. Joy.mp3
04. Hold On, Help Is On The Way.mp3
1996 - The Preacher's Wife (Soundtrack).jpg



  1. This is one HELL of a blog you have here. My first time visiting and Im diggin all of it!

    How much of the music here is sourced from your CD / Vinyl collection? I'm asking because I am a collector myself and was curious about your personal collection.


  2. Dear,
    The preacher's wife album is cool


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